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Amazing Footage Caught of Baby Pushing Its Head Out During a Natural C-Section

The day your baby is born is one of the most memorable moments in any mother's life.

Whether you give birth naturally, or have to go in for a C-section, having a healthy baby is always the top of any parents priority when delivering.

C-sections are often a result of the baby being breach, stuck or in distress. Some feel they have missed out on the opportunity of being able to naturally push your baby out when they are required to go in for the surgery.

Some women have opted for a new "gentle C-section" that could give C-section moms the opportunity they have been missing.

Incredible photos have been captured of a baby popping its head out of the womb during a natural C-section.

Warning, some of the images may be graphic to some viewers.

A team of surgeons made a small incision in the woman's abdomen, and using the opening the baby, was then able to slowly enter the world by pushing itself out of her body.

An amazing video was shared on Instagram last week to show this remarkable moment!

During a standard C-section doctors remove the baby after they have made the cut. Because babies are brought out of the womb so quickly, they can often struggle to adapt to breathing normal air and are susceptible to respiratory problems.

Experts say that the "gentle" C-section can take up to 4-minutes for the baby to be born and can be beneficial to both the baby and the mother because she feels more involved.

This isn't the first time someone has shared this lesser known way of delivering on social media.

Last July, a friend of a new mom who opted for a gentle cesarean shared a video on Facebook to show other women that it can be a beautiful experience.

In the video, the baby makes it way out of the mother's stomach without help, while medical staff surround the bed.

What do you think of this birthing method? Would you try it?

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