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Tired Of Waiting For Its Owner To Come Home, Amazon Echo Device Has Its Own House Party

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The neighbors of Oliver Haberstroh, a resident of Hamburg, Germany, got a bit of a rude awakening when the man's apartment started blaring loud music at 2 AM. After knocking on the door and screaming for several minutes, they called the police, who proceeded to break down the door and discover that not only was Haberstroh not in his apartment, but the culprit appeared to be his Amazon Echo device!


“While I was relaxed and enjoying a beer, Alexa [ed. note: Echo's AI] managed on her own, without command and without me using my mobile phone, to switch on at full volume and have her own party in my apartment,” he wrote on Facebook.

“She decided to have it at a very inconvenient time, between 1.50am and 3.00am. My neighbours called the police.”


Haberstroh arrived home to find a new lock on his door, along with a note to head to the local police station to collect his new keys and pay a rather hefty locksmith bill. Amazon support has offered to cover the cost of his bill, but has also insisted that Alexa didn't malfunction but was "remotely activated”.

Would you buy a home-automation device like the Echo?

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