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Alaskan Bush People's Ami Brown Speaks Out For The First Time Since Cancer Diagnosis

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As season 7 of Alaskan Bush People began, the Brown family was hit with hard news: Ami, the matriarch of the family, was suffering from advanced lung cancer.

"Once we got the call that it was cancer, part of me just, like, wanted to run away,” said Bam Brown, Ami's son. “But stronger than that was the emotion to get here and to see mom and do whatever I could to be moral support to everyone.”

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The family moved to California for Ami to receive treatment, and after a few months it was reported that her chemo was over.

According to the Facebook page Alaskan Bush People Exposed, which has a reputation of posting accurate information regarding the family, Ami had finished her chemotherapy and is making considerable progress.

"Ami has finished chemotherapy treatment for now and they are scheduled to start filming in a few weeks," the page posted.

A little while after that, the family confirmed that Ami's cancer was gone, calling it a miracle.

"Her lungs are clear," Billy Brown said during the Alaskan Bush People Christmas special. "She’s still weak and she has a cough and all that, but if you look inside her eyes that’s the best part because Ami’s back. She’s inside there, and she wasn’t for a while.”

Now, Ami is speaking about her cancer for the first time since she was diagnosed.

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