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Famous Comedian's Father Stands Up For The First Time In Years

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Just Jared

On Nov. 16, Gordon would stand up with the help of a team of doctors, something he thought he would never be capable of doing again.

Amy posted an emotional video to Instagram showcasing her father standing up with the help of a medical device.

"My dad stood today with the help of a device. But he stood," Amy wrote in the caption. "Thank you to his nurse Sam. Dr Kanter and Dr Sadiq everyone at Tish for their MS stem cell work. Also Pure Prairie League for their song "Aime" his favorite song. We had a good day."

Along with her Interview with Walters, Amy has spoken about her father's battle against MS on numerous occasions, including in her 2016 book, The Girl With the Lower Back Tattoo.

Have you ever had a family member who's dealt with a serious illness? Let us know what tools you used to cope.

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