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'Angel In Disguise' Bus Driver Buys Hats, Mitts For Cold Kids

John Lunceford is a school bus driver for Kennewick School District in Kennewick, Washington. He's also a loving grandfather who takes both jobs very seriously.

One morning he noticed a little boy, of about 6 years old, crying as he boarded his bus. Lunceford noticed that the boy's ears and hands were red from exposure to the freezing temperatures.

The kindly bus driver put his own gloves on the boy and, when his route was complete, he drove to the store in town. He bought ten hats and ten pairs of gloves. He delivered one pair to the boy at school and keeps the rest on his bus for any other children who might need them.

"I'm a grandfather," Lunceford said, according to school district Facebook post that described the incident. "No one wants a kid to suffer like that."

Although Lunceford would probably have liked to keep his good deeds a secret, many people have shared the story and news outlets were reaching out for comment.

But, according to his wife, Debi, he's just  one of many good guys doing good things. Debi did clarify that the little boy had simply forgotten or left his hat and mitts at home that day and that his parents had not been neglectful.


Even still, this heartwarming story has touched thousands of people. It is a good reminder to us all that we should always be on the look out for ways to pay kindness forward in our lives!

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