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'Anne Frank' Halloween Costume Causes Controversy, And One Company Is Speaking Out

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During World War II, Jewish citizens were the target of many horrific attacks. Six million Jewish people were killed by the Nazis, and to this day the damage has not been healed.

One of the victims, Anne Frank, became a household name when her diaries of living in captivity were released. Frank and her family were Jewish and under threat of being sent to concentration camps. They hid in the home of a family friend, all of them staying in a secret attic for just over two years. Sadly, her family was captured by the Nazis and killed. The Diary of Anne Frank became a best-selling book, showcasing first-hand what those in peril were suffering through.

While many would look at Anne Frank as a historical figure who suffered through unimaginable pain with incredible bravery, one company decided she was more than suitable to become a costume for kids. debuted a "World War II Anne Frank Girls Costume" this Halloween, and it went over about as well as you'd expect.

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