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Another Passenger Was Kicked Off Their Flight - Just For Using The Washroom

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If you have a vacation scheduled in the next few weeks, you might want to consider changing your plans. It seems like every day there's a new story about passengers who had some bad experiences flying the unfriendly skies.

American Airlines fired a flight attendant this week when the aftermath of their confrontation with a passenger went viral, and United landed in more hot water after a customer's world-famous pet died on one of their flights.

Meanwhile, more information is coming to light every day about the confrontation between security officers and a United passenger that was caught on camera. But today one more story about a passenger who was unfairly removed from a flight is making headlines around the world.

A man identified as Kima Hamilton, 39, from Milwaukee was kicked off a Delta airlines flight. The incident took place earlier this month, but video of his confrontation with airlines staff has only attracted attention in the past few days.

Hamilton was one of the passengers on a flight from Atlanta to Milwaukee that  reportedly spent 2 hours on the tarmac waiting for takeoff.

While the plane was being taxied to the runway Hamilton realized he needed to use the washroom badly. When the flight crew announced his plane was third in line to takeoff, he decided to head to the washroom, but a flight attendant told him he couldn't stand up until the plane was in the air.

Hamilton managed to wait another half hour before trying again, but when you've gotta go, you've gotta go. He made a quick run to the bathroom, but as he did the pilot announced that the plane would be returning to the gate so a passenger could be removed.

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