Anyone Who Has Worked Retail With Laugh At This Note

Retail is one of those jobs that very few people can do well. Sure, anyone can stand at the cash register and ring things through, but it takes a really special kind of person to keep their calm.

Those poor retail people have to listen to the same questions day in and day out. Sure, they get paid. But not nearly enough.

One of the hardest things as a retail worker is hearing the phrase "the customer is always right." I beg to differ, but sometimes you just need to do what it takes to have that patron leave with a smile.

But one employee at Gap took it a little too far apparently. This picture was posted on Reddit via thevintagekid and it actually made me laugh out loud!

Kudos to the person who returned the item. I mean, how often do you see 17 year old clothes with the tags on them!? You can almost imagine the conversation between the poor cashier and the customer.

CASHIER: I'm sorry, I can't take this item back.

CUSTOMER: But it has the tags on it.

CASHIER: But your receipt says the year 2000.

CUSTOMER: But it's unworn.

CASHIER: ...right but it's almost 20 years old. We don't sell this anymore.

CUSTOMER: Isn't the customer always right????

CASHIER: No. No that is not correct.

I'm sure the worker just gave in. That, or they REALLY had no idea. But I can't even imagine that barcode still being in the system!

Regardless, kudos to the person who kept the tags and the receipt 20 years lady. And kudos to the cashier for doing what they felt was best in that moment!

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