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Officer's Apology Cake Doesn't Cut It After Using His Taser On A Woman

While getting an apology cake from your parents for a misunderstanding about drug use is one thing, receiving one from an office after he uses a taser on you is a on a completely different level. A former sheriff's deputy in Florida has been given a one-year probationary period after he he used a taser on a woman and tried to apologize using a cake.

The incident happened back in June 2015 when deputy Michael Wohlers "used his apparent law enforcement authority to intimidate, harass and threaten" Stephanie Byron about her personal life. The lawsuit claims that Wohler took the tea she was drinking from her and when she got up to get it back he used his stun gun on her and knocked her to the floor. After quickly pulling the stun gun prods out of her he left. Later he baked a cake for Byron with the phrase "Sorry I Tased You." on it with little stick figures to represent them and even has the taser wires going across.

His lawyer has released a written response to the situation and says that Wohlers is protected by "qualified immunity" that protects government officials from "civil liability lawsuits if the official did not knowingly violate a citizen's rights while performing their duties."

Byron is suing for compensatory damages, medical expenses and attorney's fees. The lawsuit alleges Wohlers' actions caused her physical injuries, loss of income, humiliation, mental anguish, medical expenses, and most importantly violated her civil rights.

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