Aquarius Year Ahead 2017

Aquarius, you are the quirky, friendly intellectual of the zodiac - always ready to lend a hand, ear or shoulder to others. As the humanitarian, you feel it is your duty to show mankind that there is a better way - one that focuses on community and brotherhood.

Sometimes you prefer thoughts and feelings to heavy emotions, but you've got an incredibly sweet heart and you'll drop everything for a friend in need.

That said, this year, the stars are clearing out the old in your life, so that you can begin to make positive, new changes!

Let's get to work!


Out with the old, in with the new!

As the most innovative and unconventional sign of the zodiac, you can often be the target of small-minded people.

Your success can really blossom this year, as long as you focus on forward momentum. If someone or something is holding you back, just drop it like it's hot and get on with your fabulous self.


As your reputation expands, you'll present yourself in a different light this year as someone more confident, radiant and a little rebellious.

Remember to take more time for yourself. Uranus remains in the sector of your mind for 2017, so you'll have a more active mind than usual.  As a sign that lives intensely in their mind, it can be difficult for Aquarians to unplug mentally. Take up meditation  or dedicate a period of time in the day for silence.

Love is the answer...

You've got a busy year ahead of you, Aquarius. Especially when it comes to your love life. Whether you're single or committed, you won't have the time, or patience for games.

The lunar eclipse on February 10 and 11 will help you to settle relationship issues. You're ready for commitment - or to leave. The choice is yours.

From late April through to May, you've got Mars in your love sector. You'll be motivated to enhance the physical connections you have with loved ones and bring more love into your life. Single Aquarians will radiate on the dating scene - you'll be fighting them off with a stick! Couples, go on a romantic getaway and rekindle that flame!


In August, you'll find the solar eclipse on the 21st will bring new commitments and opportunities for new, relationships with long-term potential through friends.

Watch out for Mercury retrograde August 12-September 4. As you know, you'll want to be careful with how you manage your communications. As an air sign, try to think more before you speak and remember, sometimes silence says more than words.

You're sex appeal is at it's peak when Mars enters your intimacy sector in September through to  most of October. Watch out world!


With Mars in your money sector this January, and with Neptune still in this sector, you'll want to pursue new financial opportunities and make the most of your financial resources. Start business projects early this year - now is the time to do the thing you've always wanted to do!

The solar eclipse in February will set you up with a new financial opportunity or an investment that will help you financially in the long-term.

Try to do this before Venus retrogrades in your money sector in April - after the 15th.

You'll get lots accomplished when Mars moves into your work sector June through mid-July, so buckle down and channel all that energy into completing projects and starting new ones.

When Jupiter, the planet of luck and expansion enters your career sector in mid-October, you'll begin one of the luckiest years for career advancement and professional development you've ever had!


Mars joins Jupiter in this sector in December, so get ready end the year on highest note possible. Perhaps you'll get a promotion, a raise, more recognition or even a high-profile client!

This is going to be a great year, Aquarius! Just keep telling the truth, listen to your gut and stay humble.

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