Arby's Might Have Finally Found The Point Of Too Much Bacon

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Forget your quarter-pounders and your Whoppers, the King of Fast-Food Meat isn't found under the Golden Arches and it doesn't wear a crown, it wears a cowboy hat. Arby's has long been the biggest meat dealer on the fast-food scene, with piles and piles of delicious roast beef on their sandwiches no burger can come close.

But have they finally gone too far?

While Roast Beef has always been a staple of the Arby's menu, putting mounds of the delicious meat on toasted buns, they've perfected the sandwich. It's so synonymous with the restaurant that most people think Arby's stands for R.Bs or Roast Beef. (It actually stands for the Raffel Brothers who started the chain.)


They make a lot of use of other meats too. Their chicken sandwiches are delightful, and then of course there's the bacon. Like most places in America Arby's is willing to put bacon on just about anything, and why not?

Chicken Sandwiches
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Arby's might have finally found that magical point when there's actually too much bacon on a sandwich. What do you think?

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