Aries: Your Year Ahead 2017

If I had to pick a soundtrack for your life in 2017, it would be something like a Bohemian Rhapsody of epic instrumentals, energizing beats, a few rhythmic slow jams and maybe even a hidden track for you to discover on your own.

The stars have some big things in store for you this year, Aries!

Doors that were closed to you in 2016 will be blown wide open in 2017, so position yourself to take some serious action!

Life on Mars

In February,  your ruling planet, Mars, goes direct in your sign. This movement will be empowering and energizing you to achieve your goals and dreams.

Mars (also the God of War) is the planet of action and it will be lending you energy and empowering you creatively for most of the year. You'll experience the full force of this from February to April and then again August - October 2017.You might even notice that your dreams become quite vivid and lucid.

This is the year you stay true to you, Aries. Yours is the sign that runs through obstacles and pushes through long after others have quit. So go after what you want don't settle!


Love is in the air        

Gird your loins, Aries! You've got some major players mixing it up in the love sector of of your sky.

The steamiest months for love will be March, June and October. You could discover a new love interest a soulmate or a twin flame!

First, you've got lucky Jupiter, planet of expansion, in your relationship sector until October 2017, after that it moves into your intimacy sector. This is a great year to improve your existing relationships and strengthening emotional bonds.


The lunar eclipse on February 11 is going to shake things up considerably for any relationships that aren't solid in their roots. Although some of you may experience the ending of a love relationship, most others will find that the issues that blocked the growth of their relationships have dissolved.

You'll need some extra patience in March, when Venus goes retrograde in your sign on March 6. You might find that you're a little extra grumpy, find it difficult to be romantic or affectionate with your partner. Don't worry, it's a short funk.

Mars enters your love sector in August and sparks will fly during the sizzling solar eclipse on August 21. If you're single, get your flirt on, someone is definitely checking you out!


Mercury goes retrograde from August 12 to September 5 that might affect you slightly in the first few days of September. Don't worry too much about it, just be mindful of miscommunication.

Towards the end of the month in November and December, Mars moves into your intimacy sector. You'll be ready for something serious in matters of the heart.

Work, Work, Work

The name of the game for you this year is hustle hard, Aries.

Everything you do for in the next 12 months is leading to that shining moment at the end of the year, when Saturn meets Pluto in your career sector. If you've worked hard and smart, you can expect to see more responsibility, a promotion or even a new job offer!

Mercury retrograde in the first week of January is the perfect time to set some new year's goals and focus on all the possibilities coming down the pipes for you.

In March and April, you've got Mars powering through your money sector. Set up a meeting with your financial planner and take advantage of financial opportunities.


Mercury goes retrograde on April 9 to May 3 in your finance sector and then again in your career sector in the last two weeks of August.

You'll want to be mindful of potential issues with bosses, missing deadlines and just general unhappiness at work. You might be tempted to throw in the towel, but if you can, wait until August before quitting.


Mars moves into your work sector in September and October, which will bring you plenty of opportunities to find a good career fit, if you're really looking for a change.

Go forth Aries and be the pull-no-punches ram we all know and love! You've got this!


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