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Artist Dad Helps His Shy Son Make Friends With Lunch Bag Paintings

A very talented artist is going the extra mile to help his shy son make friends at school by adding incredible paintings to his lunch bags.

Imgur user DomZombie says that even though his son has some friends, "he's pretty shy, so I started doing these to break the ice and get conversations going."

He says he's been making these colorful lunch bags for the past three years, and that they each take about an hour to draw using paints, markers and colored pencils.

So far he's done around 400 of these awesome and creative paintings, including some famous Disney characters and lots of superheroes to impress his son. Some bags even combine together, like this Finding Nemo inspired piece:

Or these characters from Up and Angry Birds :

The artist says when his son was taking summer classes in a different state, and didn't know anyone from his class, these special lunch bags helped him open up to his classmates.

"He's broken out of his shell because of this," he says "and I like to think that I had a hand in helping him do this with these bags."

You can tell from the designs what his son is interested in. The Marvel movies are obviously a big hit in his house.

And Star Wars is popular too.

But some are just Dom's own designs.

All of these bags were saved by the artist's son after he was finished with them. "We may lose one to the occasional soggy sandwich or leaky drink," he says, "but that's to be expected."

Dom's art is awesome, but what's really impressive are the incredible lengths he goes to help his son make friends. These drawing take a lot of work, and he does it all just so his son can have to coolest lunch bags in school. Now that's love.

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