This Bride Learned To Walk Again For Her Wedding And It Was Captured In A Beautiful Watercolor Painting

One year before their wedding, bride Jaquie was involved in a traumatic accident that left her confined to a wheelchair. For the full year leading up to their wedding, Jaquie endured intensive physical therapy to re-learn how to walk up the aisle. It was her dream to walk up the aisle and to dance with the love of her life on their wedding day.

Jaquie told her mother that she wished she could have hired artist Maggie Smith Kuhn to paint the magical moment when she stood up and walked away from her wheelchair. She was overcome with tears when she saw Smith Kuhn in the reception hall, waiting for the first dance.

The artist's Imgur album shows the tears and smiles in each magical moment as the bride and groom look lovingly into eachother's eyes. Smith Kuhn even included the couple's pets in the final painting. The Georgia-based artist calls it a wedding she will never forget.

Photos of the special day and artist at work were taken by Love Stories by Halie and Alec.  Since posting, the gallery has had more than 445,000 views.

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