Artist Transforms Our World With Nothing But A Piece Of Black Paper (Photos)

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Paperboyo / Instagram

We normally dread the idea of looking through someone's travel snapshots, but if they're Rich McCor's we'll make an exception.

The photographer and artist stumbled into his career after taking photos around London. McCor, or Paperboyo as he's know now, realized "I was taking the same photos that everyone else takes in London."

Big Ben, LondonPaperboyo / Instagram

To make his shots stand out, McCor started adding black paper cutouts that add fun and creative new dimensions to his shots.

The Little Mermaid statue, CopenhagenPaperboyo / Instagram

"It's fun but it's not as glamorous as I make it look," Rich told Vice. "On my desktop I actually have a folder called 'failed photos' just full of photos that are awful looking attempts that didn't work."

But when McCor's photos come together perfectly they're a sight to behold. Check out some of our favorites:

the Guggenheim Museum, New YorkPaperboyo / Instagram
Coney Island, New YorkPaperboyo / Instagram

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