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These At-Risk Furbabies Love Their Hooman Grandparents

One of the greatest joys and privileges of being a grandparent is the ability to spoil your grand babies with all the love and affection in your heart.

Grandparents can't wait to spend time with their giggly, wiggly grandchildren, so it's only natural that they channel this nurturing instinct into caring for helpless kittens!

Rebecca Hamilton is the health service director at Catalina Springs Memory Care as well as a foster mama to unwanted kittens. For her, it was a natural connection to pair two at-risk kittens with her senior residents.

The Pima Animal Care Center and Catalina Springs Memory Care joined forces to foster two very young and extremely vulnerable kittens: Peaches and Turtle.

Not only do the residents get to express their desire to love and receive love, but caring for these kittens provide the opportunity to nurture this natural human condition in residents with Dementia or Alzheimers.

Karen Hollish, a spokesperson for the shelter, says that all this loving has brought up two very well socialized kitties. "This partnership is an amazing way to enrich the lives of the memory care center's residents while saving the lives of our community's most vulnerable pets."

Our communities need more partnerships like this! Do you agree?  Check out the photos below! Please Like & Share!

Prima Animal Care Center

Prima Animal Care Center

Alexander " Jerry" Petrie holds TurtlePrima Animal Care Center

Prima Animal Care Center

Marion Jane Nelson with PeachesPrima Animal Care Center

Thelma Bradfield, age 97 feeding PeachesPrima Animal Care Center

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