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Would You Do This To Get Free Burgers For Life?

How much do you love hamburgers? Would you eat one every day for the rest of your life? Would you drive, walk, run, or fly for the best burger ever made?

Would you get a hamburger tattoo?

If you'd go as far as to ink one on, Cafe 51 in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia will give you free burgers for life.

In their most recent competition, the cafe has announced that it will give free burgers for life to anyone (18 and over) who agrees to get a life size burger tattooed anywhere on their body.

"Coz we reckon that since you love us enough to join our #burgerfamily by getting a tattoo of one of our burgers, we love you enough to give you a free burger every day for the rest of your life!" says the competition form.

The eligible candidates will be selected at the end of the month and then given a tattoo appointment.

The best 10 entries will win free burgers for life!

So, would you do it? To register, sign up here.

Let us know if you love burgers this much! Tell us in the comments below - don't forget to Like & Share!

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