Australia Banned This Ad For Its Joke About Husbands

We'll let you judge whether this is an overreaction, or just a sign of the times, but a pest control company in Australia got a slap on the wrist from a government board for a radio ad joking that husbands are "pests."

After just one complaint, the country's Advertising Standards Board decided that the ad "singles out husbands as a group of people," and suggests they "need to be gotten rid of."

Allpest, the company who commissioned the ad, say they've been running it for 10 years, and it's very popular.

Watch this television version of the ad and decide for yourself if they went too far.

Whether or not you think this commercial is in poor taste, locals in Perth, Australia love it. According to Allpest, both male and female customers often quote it on the phone, or when the exterminators show up at their door.

In fact, the commercial won a national award last year for "best radio ad."

"Would it be any more or less acceptable if the caller asked the company if 'they did wives'?" the anonymous complaint asks.

Allpest says the radio ad has already stopped airing, so they won't argue with the board's decision, but they insist the ad was "a light-hearted and jovial theme" that they've  used for a decade.

What do you think? Did this ad deserve to be banned?

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