Australian Airline Could Totally Change Flying For Aussies

If you live in Australia, you could be flying direct from Sydney to NYC as early as 2022, this according to Qantas CEO Alan Joyce.

Until now, travelling to NYC meant at least one connecting flight, generally stopping in Los Angeles.

But Qantas is considering a new type of plane for their service, either Airbus A350s or Boeing 777s, which are able to fly for longer periods than their current fleet of Boeing 747s.

"[From Sydney or Melbourne] they can go straight to New York, Boston and Washington DC, and that is a complete contextual redesign of our network right there," said Joyce.

The biggest set back right now isn't really the speed of the plane, but rather fuel efficiency. Qantas spends approximately $3 billion annually on jet fuel, so it's understandable why they want to work on efficiency.

CEO of Qantas, Alan Joyce, says the airline could offer direct AUS-NYC flights by 2022.

The airline is also working with the University of Sydney to study the effects a long flight can have on a person's health. They will look at the timing of meals, cabin lighting, and temperature .

"There's no medical evidence to suggest punctuating a really long journey with a stopover is preferable to a single hop," said Joyce. "But we also know we can't just 'stretch' the service plan from a 12-hour flight to fit 17 hours."

Many people are excited about the prospect of going straight from Australia to New York City, and why wouldn't they be? It opens up a world of opportunity for travelers and encourages other countries to look at how they can optimize flights for passengers.

Are you excited about this potential non-stop flight?

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