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Fly It Proudly: Avoid These 10 Common U.S. Flag Mistakes

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There's no better feeling than waking up early in the morning and raising the stars and stripes over your own backyard. Our flag is a symbol of liberty, freedom, and the other values that make our country the best in the world.

And that's why it's a symbol that deserves our respect. If you plan on raising one in your yard, or decorating your home with a flag, it's important to do it the right way.

The United States Flag Code (which you can read in full here) lays down the important rules that you should always follow when decorating. This year, make sure you do things the right way and follow the rules:

1. Don't display a flag in front of our own

When you cross a pair of US flags, keep the one pointing to the left (from the viewer's perspective) in front of the flag pointing right.

2. Always keep the blue field on the left

It's perfectly fine to hang a flag, either vertically or horizontally. But if you do, keep the flag flat, and make sure to keep the blue field on the viewer's left side.

3. Don't hang a flag in the dark

This is easy to overlook, but if you leave a flag out at night it should always be lit up. If you can't do that, just make sure you take the flag down when it gets dark.

4. Avoid these at all costs:

Always avoid wearing a flag like an outfit or cape (you don't want to be that guy), putting a number, mark or drawing on a flag, letting it touch the ground, or displaying a dirty or ripped up flag.

5. Learn how to raise a flag

You should raise a flag briskly, but lower it slowly when you take it down. Always fly it at the peak of the staff, except on Memorial Day when you should leave it at half-staff until noon.

Remember: when you raise a flag at half-staff, raise it to the peak then lower it slowly.

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