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Do You Know Any Of These 10 Toxic People?

We all have at least one of these people in our lives. After spending time with these toxic people we can feel emotionally and mentally drained, so why do we keep them around?

Sometimes the solution is to cut them out of our lives completely, but quite often, we have no choice but to interact with them. Maybe it's a colleague, or your mother-in-law, whoever it is, the fist step to healing is dealing.

Take a look at Forbes' 10 Toxic People and see if you can spot someone in your life among them.

1. The Gossip


This person loves to talk about others behind their backs. They feed off of idle talk and rumors about the personal lives of others. They will speculate on their neighbor's divorce, the parenting styles of the women in their mommy group, and any personal or professional faux pas' that people around them might commit.

Spend too much time with this person and you'll just feel gross.

2. The Temperamental


This person has no control over their emotions - you are their emotional dumping ground. One minute they are happy, the next in tears losing their minds over something you may or may not have done. These are the drama queens.

They project everything onto you and it's usually not the good stuff. They're hard to drop because you feel responsible for them and maybe a little sorry for them too. At the end of the day, if your interactions are more negative than positive, it might be time to move on.

3. The Victim


If you thought it was difficult to break ties with a temperamental person, then you've got your work cut out for you with the victim - especially if you're a bleeding heart.

Maybe they're going through a rough time when you meet them, so, like a decent person you empathize with their problems in their time of need.

But, as time goes on - you come to realize that they are ALWAYS in a crisis. Maybe they're avoiding responsibility or maybe they love the attention, either way, these people are always suffering. Sometimes the best way to help these friends, is to let them help themselves.

4. The Self-Absorbed


It's all about them. Literally. If the conversation even deviates from them for more than five minutes, they'll find a way to turn it around to their favorite subject  - themselves. You are there as a prop to validate their popularity and self-esteem. According to Forbes, these kinds of people don't really see a point in having a real connection with anyone else.

Only one thing to say to a person like this:


5. The Envious


These friends are never satisfied. Ever. There will always be someone with something better and the're always looking for greener pastures. These people are often complainers who measure worth (theirs and yours) against material factors. According to Forbes, if you spend too much time with them, you will begin to trivialize your own accomplishments.

6. The Manipulator


These people have an agenda. Whatever it is they want from you, they find a way to get, with as little effort as possible and no reciprocity. This relationship is a one-way street, their way. Look back on your friendship and you'll realize that the give-and-take always ran in their favor.

7. The Dementor (a.k.a. The Emotional Vampire)


Ah yes. These guys.

They are that friend who always has a negative comment to say about everything. The glass is permanently half empty, they are fear-mongers and they can kill a good mood with a single comment. They literally suck the life out of every party, board meeting and relationship. If you're not careful, they'll bring you down too.

8. The Twisted


As soon as you spot this one, back away slowly and run in the opposite direction. There is nothing virtuous about staying in a relationship or interacting with someone who wants to hurt you.

These are the people who like to play games. They have bad intentions from day one, they like to see you hurting and they'll toy with you just because they can.

9. The Judgmental


If you let them, these people will stifle all of the passion and creativity out of you. They judge everything you do and, quite often, it will never be good enough. They are small-minded and they have no desire to learn from or appreciate the differences or talents of others.

Don't let this person rain on your parade, cut the cord and go be your fabulous self!

10. The Arrogant


Ugh. Don't even bother with these people. Everything is a competition. You do something amazing and they're right there to one-up you with how much more awesome they were when they did the same thing. This is the ultra competitive person, the know-it-all, the teacher's pet. They make it their mission to outdo you because they've got confidence issues.

Just roll your eyes and move on. You know you're great and nine times out of 10, so does everyone else.

Do you recognize any of these personalities in your life? Let us know in the comments below! Don't forget to Like & Share!

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