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Three Parents Are Better Than Two! Healthy Baby Born Using DNA From Three Parents

Science never stops evolving and advancing. A baby has been born with DNA from three people to Jordanian parents with help from the researchers at the New Hope Fertility Center in New York, who allowed them to conceive a healthy child and avoid the mother's genetic condition. The baby boy was born in April and at 5 months old appears to be healthy and free from the condition called Leigh syndrome that killed the woman's first two children.

New Scientist reported the new technique that Dr. John Zhang developed. There is a procedure that was recently approved in the UK where a donor egg is used in the fertilization process but discarded after the nucleus is switched with the one from the mother's egg, but because this involves destroying an embryo the Muslim couple were opposed to it. Instead the researcher removed the nucleus before it was fertilized and so it was the nuclear DNA from the mother and the mitochondrial DNA from the donor all before it was fertilized by the father's sperm.

What all this means is that scientist have found a way to help prevent this condition from passing onto the baby boy by combining three people's DNA.

The procedure had to be done in Mexico because current federal regulations prohibit the creation of embryos for research purposes. Dr. John Zhang chose Mexico as the best option for the technique because in Mexico "there are no rules". Although experts are starting to see the validity of these experiments and in February asked that the government allow clinical trials of techniques that could be used to prevent and even eliminate mitochondrial diseases like Leigh syndrome.

What do you think of the procedure? Check out this video below for a bit more information on the scientific process and let us know in the comments what your opinions are.

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