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Mom Urges Caution After Her Baby Contracts Herpes In Strange Way

We all think of herpes as an STD that only adults can get.

But for Amy Stinton, her 14 month old son Oliver is now faced with the virus for life.

Stinton took to Facebook and posted a shocking image of Oliver, with the caption "This is what happens to babies when been in contact with a coldsore. Oliver now has the herpes virus and will have this for life. Think before you kiss a baby next time."

For Amy Stinton, she was lucky Oliver is older. Herpes can be extremely dangerous for babies. Last year, Claire Henderson and her daughter, Brooke, made headlines when Claire posted a startling picture of Brooke with the virus. Herpes can be fatal for babies younger than 3 months as their bodies cannot fight it.

"Limit the number of people who visit and handle your baby for the first few months, and remind them not to kiss the baby's face, especially on the lips," says pediatrician Julie G. Capiola. "In newborns, the infection can become very serious and lead to encephalitis, an inflammation of the brain that requires antiviral and antibacterial medication."

In both cases, the babies were fine. But both mothers are urging people to not only be aware of the dangers. but to do their best to prevent them.

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