Tiny Beatboxer Is Sugar and Spice With These Sweet Beats

We all have memories of sharing something special with the people we call our parents. For some of us, it's learning how to throw the perfect knuckleball, for others it's baking chocolate chip cookies, or maybe even how to shuffle a deck of cards - casino style. This father is teaching his little girl how to do something pretty cool - beatboxing.

It is not an easy thing to do, so I was pretty amazed to see this little cutie pick up on and keep a beat with her dad. She listens closely while he sets up a rhythm and then he pauses - watch her smile at 0:27, she knows it's her turn!

Now, let's talk about those cheeks! With a smile like that, you can't help but smile back! It's obvious that this little beauty loves beatboxing, and she has the sweetest smile while she does it. Watch what she does at 0:59 - even her dad's impressed. She doesn't say much, but she's definitely down to jam!

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