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Pinterest Lied To Us: Not All Babies Are Photogenic

Pinterest is a cruel lady who taunts us with her perfection. Sure, every once and a while it works out as we expected, but more often then not you end up with a weird result that is nothing like you could have possibly imagined. Especially when it comes to baby photos. What people tend not to realize is that the pictures they are seeing are likely shot by professional photographers and took so many tries to get it right. Babies aren't exactly known for their cooperative attitudes. Here are just some of the amazing baby photo fails to make you feel a bit better if you baby can't pull a perfect blue steel.


That time when the baby gave up

You know when your head weights more than half of your body weight it is almost impossible to hold up.

Surprise, Surprise! Babies don't like to be tangled in Christmas lights!

To be fair, can you blame them?

Babies don't understand artist expression

This baby prefers landscapes to portraits.

They make diapers for a reason...

I think the real star of this picture is that dog. Never breaks eye contact. That's a star right there!

Seriously parents, diapers exist and they prevent this disgusting event from happening.

Everyone else gets to wear clothes and this baby is not happy about it.

It would be a lot easier to learn how to use Photoshop instead of trying to fit your baby in a toy truck

Photoshop is probably a lot easier than organizing all those limbs.

Babies first instinct: Put it in your mouth

Here is some valid advice for everyone everywhere: If you eat poison, you might get sick

This baby is judging you.

Why the basket? Why?


Always keep a spit rag handy

That poor older sister. She has no idea yet.

Now that it is fall please remember: Babies do not belong inside gourds

Pumpkins do not make good pants. (Or hats, shirts, dresses, or any other clothing you may attempt.)


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