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Bailey The Border Collie Saves Her Human From Inferno That Tore Through The Family Home

Randy Bova is alive today, thanks to the family dog, Bailey.

It was a typical day in June for the Conneticut family. Randy's mother, Lucy, and his brother, Robert, were out of the house running errands while Randy cleaned his room with the music blaring and his door closed.

Sometime that morning, a fire erupted in the garage likely from a power tool that had been plugged in. The flames quickly engulfed the garage and swept through to the second floor of the house - where Randy was cleaning.

He couldn't hear the fire alarms, or smell the smoke, but, by the time he did, it would have been too late.

Bailey rushed up to Randy's door, frantically barking the alarm. Randy heard Bailey's distress and opened the door to a thick cloud of black smoke. He scooped up his best friend and raced down the stairs.

"I think we would have lost my brother due to the speed the fire spread," Robert told The Dodo, "When he went out our back door, he looked at the side of the house, and the entire thing was engulfed in flames."

If it hadn't been for Bailey's heroic actions, the two would surely have perished in the fire. The family lost everything, but their most precious possessions - their lives.

The devastation of the fire still overwhelms them sometimes, and they say Bailey picks up on the heartbreak of her family. When they brought her back to their destroyed home, Robert says she was "overcome, she kind of just sat in the backyard and stared."

The family has been living in a hotel since June and are doing the best they can to pick up the pieces. A fundraiser for a new home was set up for them here, they have raised $6,311 USD about 60 per cent of their goal.

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