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Her Hobby Became Her Career! She Gives Dolls A 'Make-Under' That Celebrate Natural Beauty

Sonia Singh, an artist from Tasmania, has taken it upon herself to try to create more natural looking dolls for girls. She found that the dolls available for kids were often hyper-sexualized, with a bunch of makeup painted on to make them look more grown up. What started as a hobby is now her full time job! Her goal of making the toys more natural looking went viral, and has created a large customer base that loves what she is doing.

Singh buys the dolls at thrift shops and them removes all the unnecessary makeup. She repaints the eyes to look more natural and even puts them into different clothes that her mom makes. She works with any of the flaws that may come on the dolls, like pen marks, and blends them in so they look brand new and unique.

The dolls turn out so pretty! They look like actual girls in the real world which is such a refreshing idea. Even Barbie has embraced a more natural figure recently, so it's nice that someone is going back and fixing up some old dolls that were made before the change in image.

The success of the dolls has surprised the creator who just wanted to upcylce some old toys.

"It was never my intention to make a particular statement about these dolls. What Tree Change Dolls is all about, though, is giving some old toys a new lease on life and a more down-to-earth, more natural looking style." - Sonia Singh

The dolls are available through her Etsy store, and kids love them! Check out the video below to see how the whole process started.

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