Baristas At This Washington Coffee Shop Are Not Wearing Clothes

WARNING: NSFW images included in this post.

As we all know, businesses try various tactics to bring in customers but some push the boundaries more than others.

Take Starbucks for example, the coffee chain recently announced that it will be offering gluten-free and vegan options as a means to include a demographic they haven't catered to much in the past. This is a pretty smart and normal marketing strategy for a coffee shop.

Then there's the Washington-based Bikini Beans Espresso, a coffee shop that employs baristas to make and serve coffee while almost naked.

Yup, the staff dress code calls for bikinis or underwear but some of the girls go as far wearing nothing but nipple pasties and tiny bottoms.

Although having scantily clad women serve patrons may seem degrading, the restaurant's owners emphasize that this is actually all about gender equality.

The website reads: "'As the first bikini barista shop in Arizona, we want to empower women to be, and feel good about, themselves. Women everywhere have the right to vote, to be gay, to be successful community leaders and business owners, or even run for president! We have the right to work with grace, confidence and dignity, regardless if it's in a business suit, scrubs, or a bikini."

The coffee shop which has been popular among men, has been surrounded by controversy since it's opening. City councillor Mike Fagan, attempted to regulate it's stands citing exploitation of women as a reason but his efforts were to no avail.

Some parents have also voiced their shock and discontent with the business model. One mom whose kids were subjected to the sight of the half-naked baristas said, "the problem wasn't as much what they saw, it was having to explain to my eight, seven and five-year-old kids why there are women without shirts on serving coffee and why there are men in line to get this coffee." She added,"I'm all for people doing what they want to do. But I don't want it imposed on my family"

But, surprisingly there are many other parents with young children who frequent the Bikini Beans Espresso stands according to employee Brittany Paterson. "I have full families that come in that love me" she explained. "So it really doesn't affect kids at all, I think they're just trying to find another thing to be offended by."

Bikini Beans Espresso is raking up stellar reviews online and it looks it's going to be sticking around for a long while, so if this isn't your cup of joe then you might want to start getting to used to the idea.

Would you grab a drink from this coffee shop?

[Source: Daily Mail]

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