Be A Better Dog Owner With This New App!

Sign me up! This new app gives you a better way to track your dog's vaccinations, habits and any other information that may be useful when/if they ever become sick. DogLogBook was created at the Sydney University by the Faculty of Veterinary Science. They want to teach pet owners how to properly record information so they aren't always left confused when their pet is suddenly sick.


This super cool app was created because professor Paul McGreevy wanted dog owners to have a more efficient tracking tool for the behavior of their four-legged family members.

"The app is the nearest thing I can think of to looking over the owner's shoulder and monitoring the many behaviours that are of veterinary significance," Paul McGreevy, Professor in the veterinary department

Dogs can't tell us what's wrong with them, so having an accurate tracking device will help us as pet owners diagnose them better.

This app also includes a socialization guide for puppies to help them encounter a variety of stimuli that will make their lives a little bit easier. Being introduced to a wide variety of situations at a young age leads to lowered aggression in dogs. Being able to track what they encounter makes it almost like a little game for pet owners to do with their dogs. It's like Pokémon Go for dogs!

Being able to track the medications given to your dog is extremely helpful for vets when you bring them in for their annual checkups or an emergency. Imagine if your animal had a condition that required medication at certain times, this way you could track it all in one place instead of having to search back through your calendars to see if you gave them their meds.

You can also track their activity levels and what they enjoy doing. They have also programmed the app to notify pet-parents of any concerning behaviors like excessive bottom-scooting or paw-chewing.

"We're able to program the app so that owners will receive a prompt if they've observed a great deal of such behaviour, beyond a pre-set threshold, and perhaps need to talk to their vet," Paul McGreevy

The app will let you track multiple dogs at once, so it is definitely worth a shot if you want to be able to keep accurate records of your pooch! Read more about it here.

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