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Bear In Chains On Display At A Night Club In France Causes Outrage

Those in attendance of the circus night at the Scala Club in Guipry-Merrac, Fance were in for a big surprise. When they arrived for a night club, they found there was a real live bear being walked around in chains.

The bear was brought in from a Russian travelling circus and had it's mouth strapped shut in a muzzle. It was kept on a tight leash while it was paraded around. People all over the world are outraged by the treatment of this bear and have created a petition for animals to be barred from nightclubs.

Apparently there is no law in  place that prevents any kind of animal being used as a show for a nightclub. Despite the fact that the loud music and large crowds could be traumatizing for the animal and might even result in it panicking and attacking people.

One of the managers of the club released a video that claims he is an "animal lover" and that the photographs are taken out of context. He explained that the bear was kept in a hallway away from the club music and it was born in captivity so it wasn't as though they took him from the wild. Even though they seem to be downplaying the situation, they have declared they will not use animals again as part of the circus nights.

The club also had a parrot that was at the event.

"The animals have no place in this kind of establishment … the noise, the people, the movements may stress the animal, which can lead to uncontrolled reactions and cause injury. If a person gets hurt, it is the animal that will be killed." - translated from the petition

An animal welfare group stated that "In France, we're still in the Middle Ages for the treatment of animals." Do you agree? Share if you think it isn't right to treat animals like this.

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