Is Jewelry For Beards The Next Big Trend?

Usually the new beauty trends are for women, but not today! Have you ever looked at a beard and thought, not fancy enough? Well, good news! You can now order jewelry for beards thanks to Krato Milano. People seem a little confused about the product, but there is obviously a lot of support given that the Kickstarter campaign is almost at its goal with still 31 days to go.

The little jewel is attached to a spiral clip that twists into the beard to hold it there.

They have a few different style options ranging from a crystal, to a skull or anchor. They even have one limited edition that has chains.

Designed for an individual who wants to not only to stand out of the crowd, but also to be ahead of the crowd. - Kickstarter Campaign

Reactions to the new style vary, with some people in favor of the new trend while others are not on board.

But what do you think? Will you be supporting this trend? I mean, its better than food being stuck in it right? Leave your thoughts in the comments and share with your bearded friends to see what they think. And hey, there are still 31 days left to support the beard accessories if you want to order yours check it out!

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