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Before, He Was Suicidal, Homeless And Heavy - You've Got To See Him Now!

When Michael Bettis hit rock bottom, he weighed 322lbs and gorged on 10,000 calories a day on fast food. He became homeless in 2003 after his parents kicked him out and was living in his car for several months before finding refuge with some friends.

At the time, he was working as a mechanic in Detroit when his daily food intake included McDonalds, Chinese buffet, Taco Bell, cake and beer.

After a friend suggested that he could use a change of scenery, Mike moved to California and took up work at a welding company. The increased income meant he had more money to spend on food and for six months he continued to binge.

When the company folded he decided to drastically overhaul his life. He still remembers the moment he decided to make the change:

"It was a Friday night, I was eating Taco Bell and my friend said 'what are you doing?'" he told the Daily Mail, "I made a decision, I had one shot, one chance – I want to live how I want to live."

Mike made the commitment to himself when he quit smoking, cut down drinking and start preparing meals. In three months he lost 84 pounds.

He consumed just 2,200 calories a day by switching his diet to lean meats, rice and vegetables.

Now the 32-year-old looks like Captain America:

The new and improved Mike weighs a lean 189lbs and says he has become a completely different person. He is attending college, has an exercise regime that has cured his depression and he has learned self-control.

'I've been a healthy weight for seven years now. When I get off course I just remind myself why I'm doing it.

In 2015, he met his girlfriend Andrea, a speech language pathologist who also shares a love of fitness and healthy eating.

The two are a team and Mike loves that Andrea helps him to stay on track and maintain focus.

'Whenever anyone is down and out and sad I tell them 'everyone deserves to be happy, everybody is capable of doing what you want and being happy'.'

'All you have to do is just try.'

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