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Before They Were Soldiers: Honoring Our Vets

As Veteran Day approaches, we remember the struggle and sacrifice that so many men and women have made for the peace we all have today.

These touching photos of soldiers and their families remind us all that life and liberty are so precious. As we look at these old images, we can't help but wonder about their lives - who were they and what happened to them?

Scroll through these pictures from the 40s. You'll be shocked to see how closely they relate to our soldiers of today.

The times might have changed, but the costs of war remain the same.

My Grandparents 1945- The USAF pilot and the English school teacher

Jean Moore kneels and kisses her fiance, World War II veteran Ralph Neppel, at the White House, 1945.

Photo by George Skadding for Time & Life Pictures via Getty Images.

SPC Jeremiah Collins says goodbye to wife Angela and daughters, Skye and Shyla. 2013

Soldier returning to Duty WWII Penn Station, consoling his wife

An American soldier says goodbye to his wife and infant child in Pennsylvania Station before shipping out for service in World War II.

New York City, New York. 1943.


A father kisses his young daughter goodbye - did she ever see him again?

An American soldier says goodbye to his wife during WWII

American soldier poses with his wife.

University of Austin Texas Library archives.

Wife of a departing soldier lifts her son for farewell embrace. Oklahoma, 1945.

Wives and girlfriends use up the last few moments to say goodbye

National Guard photo by Staff Sgt. Jorge Intriago

Penn station farewells 1943

Army Spc. Darius Radmanesh kisses his wife, Kelsey.

This sweet couple share a lighthearted moment

Soldier says goodbye to his wife and child in Tennessee

Brandie Santana holds her daughter, while her father, Wilson Santana tries to give her a kiss.

Bebeto Matthews / AP

Tech Sgt. Wilburn Harkins with his wife, Dorthia.

Wilburn was killed in action and buried in France.

A soldier sees his pregnant wife for the first time after serving overseas.

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