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Bengal Cats Are Just Mini-Leopards and We Want One

At the risk of sounding crazy, how cool would it be to own a jungle cat? They have such amazing markings on them and seem like so much fun. Thankfully, there's a way to make this dream a reality without getting your face eaten by a wild animal.

Enter: Bengal Cats

These domesticated cats have all the same markings as a leopard with the size and temperament of a house cat. LOOK HOW CUTE!

It's almost too much to handle. Almost. They're known for their efficient self-grooming skills (and their cute lil' faces) and they shed very little. Vets do recommend grooming Bengals once a week, however, to keep their coats healthy and reduce shedding even more.

Bengals are extremely needy for attention (aren't we all) and require a lot of it to stay happy. But for cat owners, that is a welcome change from normal house cats, who would rather be anywhere but with you. Bengals also love water, so that's fun.

Basically Bengal Cats are dogs in a cat's body. And honestly, there's nothing better.

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