Their Cancelled Flight Was The Best Thing That Happened To Them

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Airport delays can be wildly stressful situations. Travel in general is stressful as plans are made that are dictated by a specific timeline, and when those timelines are disrupted, people tend to lose their minds.

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But there are the occasional instances where humanity puts a little faith back in your step. Take what happened this Monday at Toronto's Pearson Airport. A flight out to Newfoundland and Labrador was delayed, and instead of getting into a tizzy over it, two men, Sean Sullivan and Sheldon Thornhill pulled out their instruments, a guitar and an accordion. They started a small jam session, to which a number of other travelers joined in.  


What could have been a wildly stressful time spent sitting in an airport with absolutely nothing to do, turned into what is lovingly referred to on the east-coast of Canada, as a "kitchen party."

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