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When They Say "Beware Of Dog" You Should Listen - These Guys Are Truly Dangerous

Some dogs are tough guys who like to protect their homes, others not so much. These dogs don't really care that their owners put up a sign warning about them because they just want to be them. Whether it's a sweet little puppy or a happy goofball, these dogs didn't get the memo that they are supposed to be menacing. Take a look below at our favorite dogs who didn't live up to the hype.


Menacing protectors

Vicious Beast

Watch out!

Don't let that fluffy face fool you, it's all teeth under there!

Umm... Someone got confused here.

Just needs a little taste first

What a tough guy

Take this advice very seriously.

He might look all old and dignified, but he can still teach you a thing or too.

Small but mighty

Smiles to your face but just you wait.

No fence can contain this monster

It'll grow into the sign

Needs a sign on the go to warn everyone he meets.

Just because its legs aren't long doesn't mean it can't attack you

Even tough dogs get tired.

He has been deep uncover for 4 days now and no one has noticed.

They will lure you in with sweet eyes and fluffy noses but watch out!

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