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Big News: Video Captures Rare Baby Elephant Born In The Dead Of Night

The elephants at Chester Zoo in Cheshire, England welcomed their newest family member late in the night.

The CCTV cameras captured the "perfect" birth of the new baby girl, delivered by proud, 12-year-old mama, Sundra. Zookeepers say that mother and daughter are doing well and visitors will be able to see the new arrival right away!

Anyone not familiar with elephants would be shocked to see Sundra kicking at her newborn, but these are actually just gentle nudges to encourage the baby to stand.

The sand was quite soft and deep, so the baby needed a little extra help getting to her feet.

Asian elephants are listed as endangered animals, with an estimated 35,000 to 40,000 living in the wild and managed breeding programs. Native to South and South East Asia, these beautiful beasts can live up to 60 years old.

The new addition is a pretty big deal for the other members of the herd, who gathered around for the birth and were quite excited to meet the new little one.

Watch the incredible moment captured in black and white below!

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