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Bindi Irwin Carries On Her Father's Leagacy 10 Years After His Tragic Death

Bindi Irwin had a childhood most of us dream of, surrounded by exotic animals and guided by loving parents. Each day was an adventure with her father, Steve Irwin, wildlife expert and conservationist. He and his wife Terri Raines raised their children to appreciate their life's passion - wildlife rehabilitation and preservation.

As a little girl, Bindi would appear regularly on her famous father's television shows - especially The Crocodile Hunter Diaries. Tragedy struck in 2006, when Steve Irwin was struck in the heart by a stingray attack in the waters off of the Great Barrier Reef. Little Bindi was just 8 years old when she vowed to carry on her father's legacy before 5,000 fans and 300 million television viewers.

Ten years later, she has kept her promise to her father and blossomed into her own kind of crocodile hunter.  

On a recent family trip, Bindi follows in her late father's footsteps by catching saltwater crocodiles. Her boyfriend, Chandler Powell joined in on the fun!

It must seem like a lifetime ago that she was learning the art of catching crocks from her father. In her Instagram post, she reflects on the wonderful times they had together:

"Crocodiles will always hold a special place in my heart. They were Dad's absolute favorite animals and he dedicated his life to helping people understand and respect these gorgeous modern day dinosaurs. We are blessed to carry on in Dad's footsteps."

Now an award winning international celebrity, Bindi Irwin has definitely done herself and her father proud! She lives and works at the Australia Zoo with her family, while dedicating her own path to fulfilling his biggest dream: to save the world's endangered species.

"I think now is the time for us, as a family, to really remember dad. It's coming up on 10 years since he passed away. We're excited about new projects," she says. "We've caught, and we're tracking over 130 crocodiles in the Wenlock River to see where they go and what they get up to because the saltwater crocodiles are like living dinosaurs. It's work that my dad first started and that we've continued. It's brilliant! "

We think she's pretty brilliant too.

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