Black Man Befriends 200 KKK Members In An Attempt To Dissolve Hatred

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There's way too much conflict in the world right now. Hatred and nastiness have taken center stage, and that's not what America is about.

Daryl Davis, a black Blues musician, decided he was going to travel across the country and find out the reasoning behind some of the most hateful people in the world: members of the Ku Klux Klan, or the KKK.

Accidental Courtesy: Daryl Davis, Race & America TrailerThe Independent

Davis was born in 1958 in Chicago, Illinois. He moved around the world during his childhood with his dad being a Foreign Service officer. Davis learned about different races and cultures, oblivious to racism in his own country. It wasn't until he was back in American that Davis was literally struck with how bad racism was. At age 10, he joined an all-white Cub Scout troop in Massachusetts. While marching in a local parade, David had rocks and bottles thrown at him from the crowd. This didn't make sense to him, as these people didn't know who he was.

As he grew older, Davis fell in love with music.

“Music absolutely played a massive role in bridging many gaps in the racial divides I would encounter,” said Mr. Davis.

Davis decided it would be his mission to travel across the United States and confront members of the KKK, and honestly? It was incredible.

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