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Blind 2-Year-Old Given The Opportunity To See After Strangers Paid For Her Surgery

A 2-year-old girl got to see her mom for the first time thanks to the kindness of strangers. Nicolly Pereira suffered from a rare condition that caused fluid to build up in her eyes. The treatments in Brazil were unfortunately not enough to cure the condition so her mother, Daiana, made the choice to ask for help.

She posted on her daughter's story on Facebook and thousands of people shared it and chipped in to help, raising $17,000! That was enough money for the little toddler to get flown to America and get the surgery she needed to fix her vision.

The surgery took three hours, but then afterwards Nicolly was able to see. The moment that she reunited with her mother was truly remarkable. Not a dry eye in the house! Everyone is so overcome with emotion while this little toddler takes in everything, including her mother's face, for the very first time.

She will be monitored over the next year but for now everything is looking great for Nicolly! It's truly amazing what can happen when a group of strangers come together for something good!

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