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Blind Army Dog Reunites With His Veteran Handler 6 Years Later (Video)

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Serving in the armed forces is one of the toughest jobs ever. Not only do army men and women leave their loved ones behind, they're often posted in some of the most dangerous places in the world to fight on our behalf.

In 2010, David Herrera was deployed in Afghanistan to serve with the Marine Corps, but unlike many other servicemen, he was assigned a very special companion to keep him and his fellow soldiers safe.

For the 7 months that the 29-year-old soldier served in the Asian country, he had Kash, an IED detection dog by his side. The pair had previously trained together in Hartsville, S.C before they were both deployed to the war zone to ensure the safety of the troops, an experience that brought them closer to each other everyday.

"Kash was definitely a morale booster," Herrera told The Dodo. "He stuck with me through it, 24/7. He lived with me. He fought with me. He’s been through it and seen it all."

Unfortunately, the tightknit pair were forced to separate when their tours ended. Herrera made his way to California to take on other duties within the forces while Kash embarked on a another tour of duty with a new handler.

Life without Kash was tough and although Herrera was convinced he would never see the wonderful dog again, he never stopped holding out hope.

"I honestly thought I’d never see him again. I really did," Herrera said. "I’d looked into adopting him, but I was starting as a drill instructor, so it didn’t happen. It was a rough time not having him around, after the dust settled."

Nearly 6 years later, both Herrera and Kash are now retired from the army and have not seen each other. Herrera heard from an old friend that his former companion has returned to the U.S so he decided to seek him out.

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