Blind Mom 'Sees' Her Baby For The First Time

Tatiana Guerra has been blind for almost half her life. At 30 years old, she was expecting her first child and could not be happier.

There was just one problem: she wouldn't feel the joy of seeing her baby at the ultrasound. For parents everywhere, that first ultrasound is just beyond exciting. Your baby is right there. But for Tatiana, she wouldn't feel that same rush. Sure, people could tell her what the baby looked like. But it's not really the same.

However, as part of a Huggies campaign in Brazil, Tatiana Geurra was going to 'see' her baby for the first the form of a 3D print-out.

Tatiana's doctors used a 3D printer to create a picture of her unborn baby so she could 'see' what he looked like.

Take a look at the commercial. It may be a professional commercial, but it's raw emotion from Tatiana.

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