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Blind Munchkin Cat Is Looking For Her Forever Family

Giselle, the tiny, 2 year-old munchkin cat was surrendered to the Massachusetts SPCA on September 23, 2016.

Her former family was "overwhelmed" by Giselle's special needs and so surrendered her. Local news reports that the little cat's condition makes her one of "the most challenging" kitties to re-home.

In addition to her dwarfism, she is completely blind, suffers from joint and nerve pain and is currently recovering from a lung infection.

Since she made her internet debut on Instagram as @RealStumpyCat, the requests have been pouring in from people keen to adopt her. Now that the adoption application window has closed, the SPCA has more than 3,000 requests to sift through.

Surely, they'll find her forever family soon!

In the meantime, check our favorite Giselle moments from Instagram below. If you would like to donate to her ongoing medical care, visit their donation page here.

We hope she finds her forever home soon!

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