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Blue The "Thera-Pig" Helps The Sick And Elderly

When most people think of pigs the first words that come to mind are smelly, gross and bacon, but a therapy pig from Florida may change your mind.

Blue is a potbellied pig and mini fashionista who lives with her owner Jahaira Zamora in Wellington, Florida. Zamora bought her because she always wanted a pet pig, but when she realized Blue could cheer people up as a therapy pig, she signed her up.

But being friendly isn't Blue's only talent. This clever girl can also shut doors and tell the difference between red and green. Blue is so amazing that some of Zamora's friends have even sworn off pork because of her, and you'll see why when you watch this video.

Is she cute or what? Like Zamora says, this talented pig definitely made our day!

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