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Bone-Chilling Video Shows Woman's Soul Leaving Her Body After Deadly Crash

In what can only be described as an act of God, CCTV footage captured the aftermath of a deadly crash where a woman's soul is leaving her body.

It happened in Thailand, when a truck slammed into a woman on a bike killing her instantly. Almost immediately after she was thrown from her bike, a grainy ghost figure rises from her body.

The footage will send chills up your spine.

People are taking solace in the fact that this woman's soul is rising up to heaven. However, some people firmly believe this footage is photoshopped and are calling it disrespectful to the people involved in the accident.

You can watch the full video here and see for yourself.

WARNING: The video does contain the entire crash scene, including the death of the woman.

Do you truly believe this is the woman's soul? Let us know!

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