The Bird Who Ate So Much BBQ He Couldn't Fly

One too many barbecues was the downfall for this little kookaburra! The chubby little bird was being fed meat in the park so often that he grew to be 540 grams which is 1.2 pounds - 40% bigger than the average kookaburra.

Unfortunately he wasn't just big-boned. The extra weight his wings could no longer carry him leaving him vulnerable to predators. This story is several years old but it recently started trending on Reddit with users relating to the poor bird named Henry.

While Henry doesn't look too upset about his extra weight, a Sydney resident found him trying to get away from some dogs and brought him to the zoo. They originally thought maybe he had a broken wing which would have caused him to stay grounded, but his new trainer Gemma Watkinson realized that was not the case. Instead they found he had eaten too many sausages and so he was signed up for "Birdy Bootcamp" with his very own personal trainer at Sydney's Taronga Zoo.

"It turned out that it was simply too obese to fly." Gemma Watkinson - Henry's personal trainer

You can check out Henry's work out below. Even though this story is a bit old now, you have to admit this bird is just so fantastic.

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