The Netherlands Proves They're Better Than Everyone With This New Seniors Living Arrangement

Finding a place to live can be hard. Especially on a student budget. But an aged care residence in the Netherlands has found a way to provide students with free housing, while providing their senior residents with companionship.

The aged care home, Humanitas, gives six students the opportunity to live rent free at their residence, as long as they agree to spend at least 30 hours a month socializing with the older residents. Gina Sijpkes, CEO of Humanitas, says, "I want it to be the warmest, most pleasant residence in Deventer...so then I started thinking about making a connection with education."

The students that live there bring an extra jump and a fresh point of view to the conversation. It allows everyone, both young and old, to experience the ups and downs of life together. The unique living arrangement has provided some interesting topics of conversation, including drinking games, sex talk, and inter-generational flirting. 88-year old resident Trijntje Hofsteede says, "all part of the game." One student says he's winked at and whistled at as though these women are younger, but he doesn't seem too upset about the attention.

Take a look for yourself. This living arrangement seems to be going swimmingly for everyone involved!

Would you ever consider a living arrangement like this? Let us know in the comments!

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