Boxer Doesn't Want to Grow Up

Everyone tells us that growing up is a trap, but Moose the boxer knows it for sure! He is determined to hold on to his pacifier and his puppyhood. At first, his mom sternly tells him to "leave it," but he just looks at her with those patient brown eyes and holds on tightly. Being a puppy is just too much fun and it's pretty obvious that this sweet guy just isn't ready to let that go. Just look at his face when she says "are you kidding" at 0:20. He pulls the classic sad puppy face and it totally works.

In the end, his persistence pays off and he comes in for a cuddle. A happy ending for everyone for sure and this adorable dog gets to hold on to his paci and his puppyhood for just a little longer! Do you have a big fur baby at home? Let us know in the comments below and don't forget to like and share!

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