Boy Given 'Employee Of The Month' Award Met With Incredible Response

It's no secret that people with Down Syndrome and other intellectual setbacks are often looked over for jobs. A lot of businesses don't hire them because of a social stigma that says people with Down Syndrome aren't able to work as hard as others or follow direction.

This can often put a damper on the confidence of these workers, because they are rarely given the chance to prove just how great they are.

Some businesses, however, jump at the chance to encourage work ethic for those with intellectual setbacks. Blendmasters Barbershop rewarded Dev, a worker with Down Syndrome, the Employee Of The Month Award. Everyone in the shop was genuinely excited for Dev, stopping to congratulate him personally as it was announced.

Dev seems shy about it at first, but when he sees how happy everyone is for him, he lights up the room.

Check out the video of Dev getting his award. It's a very special moment.

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