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Boy Who Bought Lunch For Local Police Station Gets Incredible Surprise

A few weeks ago, William "Bubba" Evertz Jr. bought lunch for his heroes at his local police station. He had been saving up his allowance to buy himself a Power Wheel police car, but instead decided to do something nice to show his appreciation for local law enforcement. He bought them all Subway sandwiches (he still wanted them to be somewhat healthy!) and put a smile on everyone's face.

Evertz showed up in full police attire, badge and all. As he entered the police station, balloon in hand, he made sure to tell everyone "Happy Kindness Day!"

Evertz went viral for his extreme act of selflessness and support. But now it's his turn to to be gifted with something great!

Police officers wanted to return the favor to Bubba and got him what he wanted in the first place, his own mini police cruiser! They show up with sirens wailing and lights flashing. It seems like the entire department showed up for the event. There are two videos. The first shows the grand entrance, and the second is the big reveal!

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